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Alyx Lakewood

Attachment-Based Psychotherapy


I have completed my 4 year UKCP accredited training as an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist at The Bowlby Centre, London.  I am working towards my registration with the UKCP.  I am on the UKCP trainee register.  I abide by the Codes and Ethics of both the UKCP and my training organization.

I have been working with clients coming to therapy with a variety of issues such as anxiety, trauma, life transitions, body image and eating issues. My clinical interests are varied, and include gender, identity and sexuality. I am also interested in working with clients with dissociative experiences and the links with and to trauma experiences.

Thinking about therapy for yourself can feel overwhelming, impossible and frightening.  I hope this site will help you learn a little more about me and how I work with clients (see How I work section).   You may also have questions about the practical side of therapy (see Practicalities section).

My contact details are at the foot of this site, and do contact me via email if you would like to start therapy or have some further questions.  You can also find me on by typing in my name there.  You can also send an enquiry message to me via there.
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About Psychotherapy

 Psychotherapy is a unique space, in which you can explore in confidence, experiences both past and present which may be impacting your life right now.

Clients come to therapy for a number of reasons and with  experiences that may be affecting how you are at home, work and in relationship with others. You may have specific experiences that you want to explore and have a firm idea of what you would like to explore in therapy.  Equally you may just have a feeling that something is not quite right in your life and want a safe space to go deeper.
Psychotherapy is a space in which you can seek meaning around your experiences and ways of being in the world.  It maybe that you have never had space or time in which to seek support for your experiences. This unique process can help you find your voice, give words to feelings and emotions all within the confidential space of therapy.  You may through the process find new ways of feeling, thinking and experiencing yourself and how you relate to other people.

We may have experiences of being discriminated against and pushed to the margins. Marginalization is a very powerful experience, and multiple experiences of this can affect our sense of self and how we view ourselves. I welcome all aspects of my client's experiences into the room including those around marginalization. I respect each part of your experiences and welcome exploration around marginalization if that is something you would want to talk about with me.  

From my own experience of psychotherapy before and during my training, I have found it offers great potential, as a space in which you can speak and find your voice for your experiences in order to move onwards.  I aim at all times to advocate for you, as you begin to explore and find your voice for your story in psychotherapy with me.  I will stand with you in our journey together.

How I work 

My starting point is that all clients are unique. Your experiences, and story are just yours.  Psychotherapy is not a one approach fits all clients way of working. We will work together to create your therapy space in which you will be able to start to explore your experiences both past and present of being in the  world and in relation to other people. 

My training is informed by an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy framework. Attachment is about our earliest relationships with our caretakers in the first years of life. Those relationships and how we develop a sense of self through them can have long last impacts into adult life. Part of an attachment-based approach will be to look at your early experiences and see how they have shaped and informed you.  Psychoanalysis seeks to bring out those thoughts, fears, hopes and desires which we may not be aware of (that remain below the surface). One way to work possibly with the hidden aspects is through dreams for example. 

I believe that therapy is at its heart, a co-created relationship between client and therapist.  Part of therapy is paying attention to our relationship not just at the start of therapy but as an ongoing aspect of psychotherapy. At the start of therapy, we will take time to build our relationship through getting to know each other to help build trust and safety.  It is only when that sense of safety begins to grow that you can explore further what your experiences have been.


I work with clients on a long term, open-ended basis. What this means is that therapy lasts as long as you would like it to. I usually work with clients for at least 6 months at a minimum.

I work with a sliding scale fee (according to your resources). This can be discussed as part of our initial contact. When you contact me, I will arrange a brief online session with you to take some further information before we decide whether to meet for an initial, fuller assessment therapy session.

I see clients for in person therapy at The Practice Rooms, 150 Caledonian Road, London, N1 5RD. The practice is located a short 7-10 minute walk from Kings Cross stations and close to a number of local bus routes serving that area.  I also offer remote therapy via Zoom for those clients based outside of London. For clients who may wish to come to therapy twice weekly but can not do both sessions in person, we can discuss a hybrid agreement for therapy (this would be 1 session online, 1 session in person). 


Contact Me


I aim to respond to email enquires within 1 working day (Monday-Friday). Any enquiries received over a weekend will receive a reply from the next working day (Monday)